The Cost Of Voicemail

Many Psychiatrists depend solely on their office voicemail for all patient communications. It's a common practice across the country to allow every phone call to go to voicemail and then, when time allows, listen to numerous voicemail messages and attempt to return multiple phone calls. But how much uncompensated time have you spent over the years leaving voicemail messages for people who first left a voicemail message for you? The "phone tag" process sometimes lasts several rounds before finally connecting with what is probably by now, a slightly frustrated caller.

The answer is not to hire an expensive office assistant to come in and take over that responsibility. That "solution" defeats the purpose of having a solo practice with minimal overhead. An answering service is not the answer either; although such a service is more cost effective, it, by its very definition, is simply an answering machine, unable to take care of the many patient needs that an in-office assistant would easily handle. So, what IS the answer?


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