How This Works

Imagine if you never had to listen to another voicemail message.

Working with your individually-assigned Patient Care Administrator is as simple as forwarding your office phone number directly to the desk of your new personal assistant. Your callers will no longer be required to leave a voicemail message, as they will be greeted live by your PCA. What does this mean? Potential new patients won't have to wait for that 'call back' that never comes. Current patients will be able to schedule their next appointment right then and there. Your schedule will consistently be filled, no more phone tag, and hours of overwhelming administrative tasks will be a thing of the past, allowing you time to focus on patient care.

    • Beginning at 9am, the practice voicemails from the previous night are reviewed and recorded into the activity log. If necessary, the Patient Care Administrator then contacts the physician with important or time sensitive matters that require immediate attention.

    • The Patient Care Administrator then returns routine calls to patients for scheduling or general inquiries, prospective patients desiring an appointment or practice information, insurance company, pharmacies' requests, pharmaceutical reps, etc, addressing each of their individual needs. The activity log is updated to reflect the actions taken by the Patient Care Administrator with each call.

    • The Patient Care Administrator performs these actions on a set schedule. The daily activity log is routinely updated to reflect new calls received by the PCA.

    • At a frequency you dictate, or at the close of business, the Patient Care Administrator emails/faxes daily activity log to you outlining all actions taken and matters that need your input for follow-up the next business day.

And guess what? This amazing service is available to you starting at $15 an hour!

Remotely Speaking has been providing professional Psychiatric practice administrators for over 15 years at a cost 50-60% less than a traditional in office administrator, with the same professional outcomes! Take a look at the breakdown below:

What Our Clients Say

"I really don't tell you often enough how much I appreciate your hard work and how happy I am to have you. You are very much a part of my practice. The patients depend on you for so much."

Audrey Moss, M.D., Arlington VA

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