Your office hours are 9:00 to 5:00. Yet every evening, you find yourself still in that chair at your desk, catching up with the day's seemingly endless voicemails, calling in those last minute prescriptions, and taking care of everything else that piled up while you were in session with your patients. You're lucky to get home in time for dinner and relaxation!

Sound familiar? If so, we have the answer to your problems. Having a Patient Care Administrator for your practice is a cost-effective and business savvy solution that will have you getting home on time to your family again. With someone available to take those calls as they come in, all of those refill requests and prior authorizations can be taken care of during the work day. Appointments can be scheduled without the dreaded telephone tag. Your patients will be able to call in and speak with someone directly, yet you won't lose any office space to an in-house receptionist.

Still thinking this sounds too good to be true? Hear it from your peers! We decided to ask some of our clients to explain what working with a skilled Patient Care Administrator is all about.

From the desk of Patrick C. Lorenz, MD:

"As every doctor knows, the front office can make or break a practice; you have made mine. I have been blessed with a very successful practice for decades, but never have I seen so many smiling faces come in the door because you helped them in some way. I know, because rarely has a day gone by that someone didn't mention you. The combination of your immense interpersonal skills, problem solving ability, and technical computer knowledge has convinced patients that you will find a way to resolve their administrative questions. Having just retired, I want to let you know that you and RemotelySpeaking have earned from me the highest regard and recommendation possible.

Through RemotelySpeaking, you have provided my Psychiatry practice three years of the best secretarial and office management I have had in my entire 38 years of practicing medicine. Your administrative services have allowed me to spend more time on my professional duties, which in turn has improved the care I have given to my patients. Importantly, you have worked closely with me to ensure that urgent medical matters were given the appropriate priority.

Your willingness to explain my practice policies to new patients, to call patients who were far behind in their payments, to assist with preauthorization with insurance companies, to work with computer program companies to correct problems, to deal with last minute scheduling, to assist me to provide medication refills is part of the list of activities that I have been only too happy to delegate to you; and you have done them without pause or objection. Well done. Hours? Our contract was that you would stop work at 5:00 PM. However, mirroring my work day of ten to twelve hours, almost daily you were with me to 7:00 PM. No complaints, no added charges.

Medical care is all about responsibility, and you have always taken responsibility for secretarial and administrative problems, even when they were my fault, as they often were. But more importantly, this quality speaks to your character. It can't be faked, because under stress we see the real man. You have been unfailingly honest and sincere. You see challenges to be opportunities rather than problems. Your optimism is contagious.

Your positive attitude, incredible work ethic, and friendliness has set the exact tone I have wanted my practice to project. Many patients have told me how pleased they were that you took the time to exchange personal stories about mutual interests, such as talented children, athletic activities, music, and Florida.

We worked well together and as our mutual respect has steadily grown, so has our friendship. I wish you the best of fortune in your business, and the best of health, opportunity, and prosperity for you and your family."

Patrick C. Lorenz, M.D.

From the desk of Lorinda S, Office Manager:

"Dr. Bala Rao is a sole practitioner in a busy psychiatric practice in Tampa, Florida. We treat both children and adults. Our practice requires one part time employee, one full time employee and myself, the office manager. Like most medical practices, finding and keeping good employees has always been a challenge.

A typical day in our office began at 9 am with myself and the assistant performing the normal administrative duties required to maintain a well organized medical practice. One of the most time consuming yet important tasks involved answering the office telephone. With a daily call volume of 50-75 incoming phone calls; completing other tasks with minimal interruption had always been difficult. Many of the calls went to voice mail, which meant finding additional time to retrieve messages and return each call as time permitted. Often we had to leave a return message for the patient to call us back, further adding to our daily phone administration. It was obvious we needed to find a solution to this problem but hiring another employee just didn't seem like the appropriate option.

We had received some marketing material from RemotelySpeaking about their remote Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) services. After discussing our needs with them, we agreed to a one-week trial of their service; hopeful but unsure as to whether it would serve our purpose.

To our pleasant surprise, within just 2 days of working with our trial PCC we were convinced this was what we were looking for. Our "typical day" is now much different. Our PCC remotely logs into our scheduling software and takes over all telephone communications for the office. The PCC knows all of our office policies and has access to all of our office forms. We communicate with our PCC in real time via the computer. To our delight, our PCC has seamlessly become a recognized, self-sufficient member of the office staff. We, in turn, are now able to give 100% of our attention to our in-office patients and our office duties are uninterrupted by multiple phone calls.

Our patients have come to think of our PCC as another member of the office staff who is there to immediately address their needs. Our PCC assists them in a polite and professional manner. The PCC manages insurance inquiries, prescription requests, appointments, new patients inquiries, lab and record requests, referrals and most all other inquiries. But it does not end there. Our PCC follows up on many of the patient needs that have to be addressed later, such as calling in prescriptions and Prior Authorizations, returning calls to patients for any number of reasons. Our PCC maintains a daily activity report of all communications with patients and other callers. The report is electronically transmitted to our office at the end of each day. Important issues are communicated and addressed immediately as necessary.

Also of great significance, is the fact that Dr. Rao did not have to go through the hiring process. He did not have to provide a workspace, pay taxes for a new employee, provide employee benefits or be concerned with possible workplace conflicts between employees. With the service of Excel Practice Management there are no concerns regarding sick time, vacation time or employee theft.

Our office is now more efficient and productive. We are far less rushed and our patients have their needs addressed immediately by a well-trained professional Patient Care Coordinator. Our patients get the Personal touch and the practice avoids the Personnel issues involved with hiring an employee. Almost every day someone comments on the wonderful service our PCC provided. Having a PCC assigned specifically to our practice is the solution we were searching for."

Lorinda S, Office Manager

A Few Kind Words From Our Clients

"I am extremely pleased, you have no idea how much the quality of my life has improved since you took over. Most days I make zero calls. Because you have been able to schedule the new patients, which I never had time to do before, my times are now full which will translate into better income!"

"I thought you might like to know than since you have been with me, my accountant has said my income has increased 53%. I'm so excited!"

"Friday was the first day since I began working for myself that I have not had this huge weight over me. The weight of "how many phone calls will be there when I call later today?" The dread when I finally made myself do it and found that taking a day off was just not worth it because I had hours of work to do in the evening. I wish you were available years ago. Thank you for the experience of freedom that I felt on Friday."

"You have just done such a wonderful job. My patients think you are so terrific. I cannot believe my good fortune to have you all to trust my practice to. I would really like to meet you in person someday."

"I told my colleague that you're a lifesaver; that there will be MANY days when he won't have to make a single call!"

"I just wanted to pass this on to you: our patients have expressed to me that they really enjoy speaking to you. They are more comfortable about scheduling now than when we were doing it ourselves. I just thought you might like to know that they really appreciate all you do."

"I just wanted to tell you what a great job you are doing and how much I appreciate how hard you work for me."

"Every day I thank my lucky stars for you. John and I were saying how we get so many compliments and you have really enhanced our practices. You really have a unique way of providing this service."

"You have saved me at least 2-3 hours a day; it's such a relief! You guys are wonderful -- my patients never stop talking about how wonderful you are."

"You guys are so nice; I usually dread calling a doctor's office but you guys make me feel so comfortable. I really appreciate you trying to contact me so much. You really stay on top of your phone calls!"

"Thank you, you are doing a wonderful job. I don't know how I ever did this job without your help. Do you do windows?"

What Our Clients Say

"I really don't tell you often enough how much I appreciate your hard work and how happy I am to have you. You are very much a part of my practice. The patients depend on you for so much."

Audrey Moss, M.D., Arlington VA

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